Banwell Pottery features in latest ClayCraft magazine

ClayCraft magazine Banwell Pottery features in the popular ClayCraft magazine.

ClayCraft is a new magazine for the growing hobby with each issue including fun, inspirational, and challenging pottery projects for you to try at home.

Identified as the next big thing in the craft market, and boosted by the popularity of the BBC’s The Great Pottery Throwdown, the craze for pottery is now booming. ClayCraft is a magazine aimed at ceramics enthusiasts of all levels, including those new to the subject, those at the early stages of learning, ceramics students, or intermediate makers looking to improve their skills and take them to a higher, even professional level, as well as people who just love pottery.

Banwell Pottery features in ClayCraft magazineIt’s a very popular magazine among our evening class members and our service users enjoy a quick browse at lunchtime, or to get inspiration for a new project.

We’re thrilled to be featured in ClayCraft and to spread the word about what goes on here! Please pop by and say hi if you’re in the area or passing through.

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Sylvia reads the Banwell Pottery feature in ClayCraft magazine

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